by Snow Burial

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released February 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Snow Burial Chicago, Illinois

SNOW BURIAL draws from a variety of influences, most notably the Melvins, Converge, and Cult Of Luna, to create their own unique voice and tone; a dark but colorful soundscape born by a progressive and fearless trio of musicians.

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Track Name: Liars
Liars / Wear your gilded chain
Have faith / Profit will save you
Erase your mind for verses pslams and good looks
You don't need those good looks
You don't need those fancy books
You got that good one

Call ahead, save yourself
Let it all sink in
My lies kill, find a way
Let it all crumble
Keep all that you've ever had
Give up on living
I'll steal anything you hold inside

Big brother, oh how he loves you
Giving yourself away
They're selling promises
You're so proud of your little cave
I built one too
You're so proud of your little cave
It won't protect you
They're already inside
They're not here to harm us
Just keep us in line
They'll just keep us in line

Liars, wear your gilded crown
Show your flock
Your fat pockets will save them all
Track Name: Geist
I can't give you any answers
Flight of ideas resound
Generate a ghosted shell
Four waves of hell fire
Cast off that coil
We weren't meant to know answers

I'm lost in a story
Cycles continue to fail
I can give you some answers
It won't help in the end

Reign down
Sleep now

Kill the process
Dig down
Black earth will save your light
Track Name: Burned
Keep on pretending that your words are just spit

Into your cortex
Into your bloody spine

Tear it out
Your third eye

I pry inside your mind
Find that thing inside

Get on your knees and pray for you goddamned lie

Hunted down
There's nothing to fear
Nothing to fear at all

Tear it out
Your third eye
Track Name: Torn
I blame it on the fire
I blame it on the half life
Ignoring all the warning sign
Igniting all the pilot lights
I told you so
I warned you all
The end will come despite your cries

Torn apart at the seams